A new wishlist from Banggood!

Hello again, dear! It is the beginning of May and the weather is so raining….I don’t have the mood to do anything, so I start shopping. Because this is what I like to do most, I took my laptop and open Banggood, the site with so many wonderful things, to see what it is new.

And because summer is approaching with some little steps – by the way, don’t you seems that the time is running too fast?!?! – I decided that the first thing that I put in the shopping bag to be a pair of beautiful sandals, very chic and comfortable, that you can find in three colors – red, black and blue. I like red color, so this is my first choice!


This pair of sandals requires a new bag, don’t it? So I found the most amazing bag with some butterfly and flower design, from polyester, in two colors – black and white, that is such a beauty, don’t you think?

Untitled 1.png

Lately, my husby scolded me that I kind of forgot about him. So, in order not to neglect him, I looked for a bag, with some multi-pocket, to put his phone and wallet and I decided to take him a bag from canvas, that has a special hole for headphones. I think he will be very delighted with it!


I told you so many times that Banggood surprise me every time I enter its door. This time I found a 3D Elasticity Brick Grain Wall Stickers, antibacterial, anticollision, mouldproof, moth-proofing, sound absorption, anti-fouling, moisture-proof, anti-static, with a realistic natural brick grain effect, a simple and modern decoration style. It is so easy to install and it is non-toxic, looking so amazing.


Another new item that I found here, it is this natural facial skin care aloe gel soothing moisture, from Bioaoua, that make skin tender and smooth and improve dry skin. It is a must have, I have to try it, because my skin it is so dry and needs some smoothy.


I think that for the moment it is enough. But I am so excited about my new acquisitions, that I look so much forward to receive the new order. What do you think about my new choices?



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