Let’s shop again from Banggood

Hello again, my darlings! Do you remember Banggood, the store with so many beautiful and elegant cloths, don’t you? As I was a little more free today, I have the luxury to go shopping in Banggood again.

But, the first product that I put in the shopping bag was a watch for my husband. It has been a long time since I have made him a present and these days I’ve heard him talking with our daughter that he would like to have a watch. So…this is my gift for him…mine and my daughters’ too, of course.


Then I have seen this red sweater…an I was sure that this is exclusive for me; I’ve looked for a sweater like it for many years and now, that I’ve found it I was not going to loose it, so I buy it. I think it is so elegant and also casual, you can find it on red, black and grey, but I preferred it on red.


At Banggood, I found the blue-jeans that I used to love in my younger years. I had, being young, a lot of pairs of denim, just like this vintage jeans that I discovered visiting the store. Because I hadn’t seen for so many years this kind of jeans, of course I couldn’t loose this offer and buy them. Also, I think this pair of blue jeans is perfect for the red sweater I’ve shown you just before.


Another object that I needed and found here, at a very good price, was this eye shadow palette makeup with 120 colors , including matte and shimmer eye shadows, so easy to create a perfect look of yourself.This palette is perfect for a wedding makeup or a party makeup or only for a casual makeup.


I wait with so much impatience this order, to see if my choices are exactly with the pictures from the site, but also to see the reaction of my husbi when I give him the atch. Aren’t they a beauty…my choices?


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