A very nice outfit from Banggood

In an old article, I was telling you about Banggood, an online store with over 70,000 products – clothing, beauty, jewelry, electronics, toys, watches. Because spring has already comes I will show you my choices from Banggood.

This coat – it is so fashion, so elegant, from cotton, pink or black. I like its color and shape and like that you will look like a princess wearing this coat. You can put this coat to an elegant dress and also to a pair of blue-jeans.


I found this beautiful dress, it looks like a poppy in a cornfield, don’t you think? And it matches perfectly with the pink coat – my opinion. This dress remindes me of a gentle breath of wind in that sunny days, hot days. I love it!


To complete my perfect outfit I will need a pair of shoes; and not any pair…I discovered the most beautiful shoes, pink as the coat, shallow mouth metal.


And the jewelry…a jewelry give beauty to an outfit; if you put the right earrings and the right necklace…then you can say you are perfect, don’t you think so, girls? Oh, yes…of course! See for yourself at this set I’ve choose for my outfit.


And last but not least..the bag. It is very important to complete a perfect outfit. It has to be not so big, but nice, elegant and chic. It is a very important accessory for a woman. And of course that I have choose the perfect bag.


So…this is my outfit..an elegant, chic, very beautiful outfit. What do you think, girls?



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