Beautiful mother of the bride and groom dresses!

Hello, darlings!

As in at least one month, my sister-in-law has her wedding, I have to find for myself one special dress…actually not one, but two – one for the day, for the religious ceremony, and one for the night, for the wedding party. And I have to look for one dress also for my mother in law – it is a very special for her, her daughter is getting married and she has to be absolutely amazing.

As I understand, my brother-in-laws’ mother has already find her mother of the groom dresses at beformal online, so I must start looking. And I find out some wonderful dresses here

For me I choose two dresses, that I found perfect for this important event. Let me show you and you can tell me if you think that they are fit for the wedding.

I found this special dress on BEFORMAL.COM.AU at a very special price – USD $ 105.19. I think it is a very beautiful and perfect dress for the wedding, during the day.


And the piece of resistance I think it is this „wow” dress for the party, which costs only USD $ 100.79…it is a „must have one” for a lady who respects herself. 


For my mother-in-law, I looked for a dress here:  mother of the bride dresse tea length and I found a special dress, because on this day she is special, too, at the special price of USD $ 120.49.


I think she will be the most beautiful mother of the bride in this very beautiful dress, that looks perfect for her.

I don’t know exactly what dress ordered the mother of the groom, but I find out that she choose it from here:  mother of the groom dresses australia. I am very anxious to find out if our mother will be more beautiful than the groom’s mother! 🙂

So, I recommend you to go shopping on, regarding that they offer a very high quality of the products at a very special prices, being delivered as soon as possible.

What do you think about my choices? What dresses will you choose for you and for the mother of the bride and of the groom?


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